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The story behind Ecoman
First Thoughts
This short game was made during Eco Game Jam 23-24 November.
You are Ecoman, a guy in the far future, when all humanity dies out, who came to planet earth and was met with a crazy polluted world. As he collects the waste and recycles it with his superpower, the balance of the planet restores. Each game level refers to 10000+ years, as we know that it takes superlong time to recover.
The concept was to show some things which contribute to the environmental pollution.
When I was studying biology back in my student days, I learned a lot about the impact of plastic and other waste and the drastic damage it can cause to the planet.
It's interesting to see how the planet will adapt to global warming and what will happen with the nature, if the humanity will still be alive or if it will not be able to survive in conditions that we will have in the future.

For now, I decided to discuss this problem in a playful way, to give an insight of how each piece of trash will have an effect and understand the impact of the consumption era. People need to understand where the trash goes and be more mindful of what choices we make.
Do we truly need another plastic bag when we buy groceries? What is happening to the clothes we buy when we no longer want them?
While humanity comes up with a super genius idea of waste management, we need to be more conscious about waste and the wellbeing of the planet.
«Reduce, re-use, recycle.»
Is the idea of Ecoman wrong?
It is definitely wrong to think that one day someone will magically solve all the world problems in one day. Nevertheless, it's nice to have cute depictions of a superhero getting rid of pollution.
I collected data from Internet recourses (I really forgot the website, sorry) and made a list of different types of waste ( metal, chemical, food waste, plastic, mixed) and, as the game was initially planned to be short, I pointed out the waste that causes the most pollution from my point of view. I added the infobox to each new collectable item. There isn't much game elements as a game should have (e. g. no score, inability to lose, no inventory, which would be nice for that game to have), so it's more of a prototype. Anyway, Im really proud with the result bc this was my second game which I made in 1,5 days on a Game Jam hosted my Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

Note: I'm not a specialist by any means, so if some data is wrong/different/outdated, pls forgive me or let me know by contacting me via email happydoggostudio@gmail.com

«Be the superman for your planet. Save it.»
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