A sneak peak into Happy Doggo dev days
Say hi to the greatest dog pack
his is just a quick post where I wanted to show the models of my doggos, which you can greet in Doggoland and Hire Sofi!

All the dogs have different personality types, eg Sparky is a dreamer and very poetic (see pics below) and Mandy is a bit bitchy (not everybody is nice, we live in a real world). The most intelligent one and my fav is Rocket, he introduces the game in Hire Sofi!. is a little&shy cutie, and Maxi is a little businessman and likes to show off a little. Nevertheless, these 9 doggos make a nice family pack. Go visit them in Doggoland and Hire Sofi sometime! ????

Meet Sparky:
stars are the only things that interest him
Meet anabel:
pompous, a little arrogant. Is a popular model in the dog world
Meet Rocket: He's just an old buddy. Always the first, mentally mature guy
Meet Woofy:
He loves to woof around
Meet Maxi:
cute little boy, Always wants to cuddle.
Meet Lenny :
Little but serious, born Enterpreneur
Meet Vivien:
poetic & dreamy soul, A bit shy.
Meet Dexter:
Brave and NOBLE, You can always count on him
Meet Dexter:
Brave and NOBLE, You can always count on him
Dogs are awesome. There should be more games about happy dogs.
Sofi Naydenova
aka Happy Doggo
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